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Peel System Professional Protocols + Skin Layering Techniques Read More

17 December 2023

How to layer using a peel system? Check out the below peel protocols. The evolution of peel systems are finding […]

How to select a “Microdermabrasion Machine”.

11 December 2023

What to look for in a Microdermabrasion Machine. I am sure most have heard the term “microdermabrasion”. For most professionals they […]

How does Retinol work and what is it supposed to do?

19 June 2023

The History of Retinol, Vitamin A Through the Eyes of a Licensed Professional. Speaking as a licensed professional promoting and […]

Russell’s Microdermabrasion Service Tip from Skin for Life

5 August 2022

Fall is here and Microdermabrasion is on the Menu! From a service technician’s point of view… Microdermabrasion Service Tip! Ah, […]

What’s the Fascination with Vaseline?

2 March 2022

Vaseline? Really? Well, okay let’s talk about why doctors use or recommend Vaseline. It is occlusive to the skin. What […]

10 Skincare Tips for Spring!

14 February 2022

10 Skincare Tips when changing to spring It is SPRING! Get ready to schedule client skin consultations. Here are 10 […]

The 5 Benefits of Oxygen Infusion Facials, what professionals need to know.

13 February 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Oxygen Infusion Facials Firstly, lets talk about the skin. The persona of the skin. Skin can […]

Winter Acne…how to overcome the embarrassment.

28 December 2021

Stop The Winter Maskne! Firstly, we must understand the reasoning between the shift in the winter months and the new […]

Why is oxygen such an important treatment?

2 June 2020

Oxygen is Vital for the Health of the Skin Cells. Oxygen is Vital for Skin Survival. These cells go through […]

Professional Home Skincare Treatment Kits | Customized Treatments

27 March 2020

Help Your Clients’ Stay Skin Healthy with Professional Home Skincare Treatments Customized Professional Skincare Treatment Kits. You work hard to […]


18 March 2020

COVID-19 Emergency Update from Skin for Life COVID-19 Emergency is a global threat. We have received calls from customers regarding shortening […]