What’s the Fascination with Vaseline?

2 March 2022
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Vaseline? Really?

Well, okay let’s talk about why doctors use or recommend Vaseline.

  1. It is occlusive to the skin. What does this mean? It binds to the skin’s surface. It becomes a second layer to protect and aid against external factors that could harm the skin’s recovery.
  2. After performing certain dermatology cosmetic procedures most will have their patients apply Vaseline over the treated site until the skin is re-epithelialized. This maintains proper protection and keeps the surface of the skin moist. Physicians will tell their patients to constantly reapply because they do not want the skin to feel dry. If the skin is dry or dries out, then the surface of the skin may crack, develop fissures, or develop mild to deep wounds.

When searching the Vaseline benefits here are a few things that came up:

  • Treating diaper rash
  • Supporting healing
  • Preventing peeling
  • Managing eczema

As skincare professionals could we recommend something better? Why, yes! But first, let’s talk about the structure of the skin and what actually happens. We see the surface but what about the in-between.

The stratum corneum is made up of dead skin cells, but the most important part is what is in-between the dead skin cells. Inter-cellular lipids are a range of ceramides, fatty acids (linoleates and oleates) that bind the bonds of the dead skin cells to prevent water loss.  It is your built-in shield that fights against external stress. The majority of water is within the corneocytes. But if we do not have good structural skin support the skin goes through daily struggles, not only with environmental factors but with intrinsic and extrinsic factors as well. The glue that keeps our stratum corneum happy, those natural lipids are extremely important.

So why am I not a supporter of Vaseline? Many reasons, but here are a few.

  1. As I mentioned above it is the inter-cellular matrix that needs daily reinforcement. Without it, our skin is in trouble. Because Vaseline has a surface action with no value other than keeping our skin greased up for surface protection. It presents no value for the inter-cellular structure. So guess what when you stop using Vaseline what happens to the skin’s inter-cellular structure, it becomes compromised.
  2. Vaseline is an illusion of locking in moisture however, it also potentially locks in dirt, debris. Therefore becoming a long-term irritant to the healthy functionality of the skin. Even though petroleum jelly products are instant gratification they are not a long-term skin solution.

What does Skin for Life Recommend?

There are so many better non-petroleum based products that provide a positive surface action with an interlocking barrier of protection against moisture loss. Are you looking for a healthier alternative for your clients? Well try this…

Moisture Complex nourishing peptide + LSS™ delivery is the positive skin alternative to petroleum skincare products. There are so many benefits, this might take a while.

Firstly, moisture complex provides that second skin protection where it locks in moisture for a surface action. However, it has a plethora of interactive key ingredients that benefit the skin’s functionality by providing a therapeutic action.

Such as Chrysin. Chrysin is in a class of flavonoids. These miraculous phytonutrients remove cellular stress. They protect skin cells from oxidative damage. This is huge for sensitive, acne, pigmented-damaged, or dry skin. Chrysin provides a daily fight against free-radicals. This is important for all skin. This is why Skin for Life constantly talks about skin immunity. This ingredient is added to fight against inflammation and protect the skin’s immunity.

This is one of many immunity-driven skincare products that we have to support long-term skin health. Think bigger than just helping the skin’s surface think about the skin you cannot see that needs the true benefit of daily health from skincare products that have a function, not just a short term solution.

This is one of many ways alternatives work to interact, communicate with the skin’s lipid, inter-cellular barrier. It is a daily fight against TEWL “trans-epidermal water loss”. I hope when you read this article you see a new way of recommending, educating your clients about why Vaseline as a surface action may make sense but long-term it leaves the skin compromised with little to no value for the skin.

Thank you for reading. If you have a question leave your comment below.

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