18 March 2020
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COVID-19 Emergency Update from Skin for Life

COVID-19 Emergency is a global threat. We have received calls from customers regarding shortening spa hours and some are closing their doors to reduce the spread of the coronavirus that we are fighting globally.

Everyone’s spa business will feel a squeeze to their bottom line. However, we know this is a crisis that we must find a solution and overcome.

In the meantime, how do you support your clients when they cannot come to see you due to their current health conditions or reducing the susceptibility to their health. It is important to maintain communication with your clients. We all know we can’t completely close our doors. Staying connected is the key.

Clients want to hear from you. They want to maintain their skin results. Your clients and you have worked hard to make positive skin changes and nothing should come between this.

Skin for Life is open and can ship to your clients. All you have to do is call us (866) 312.7546 and we will do the rest. It is that simple.

Reach out to us, so we may help you maintain a Retail Presence with your clients. We have great shipping rates so you do not have to pay retail shipping prices. We Do Not want you to lose business. Let us help you, help your clients. If your clients cannot come to you, let us help you ship to your clients.

Even though these are difficult times, we want to keep our customers focused on their continuous positive skin changes for their clients.

We want you to know we are open and here to assist you with supporting your clients with immunity-driven pure science professional skincare.

LET US DROP SHIP FOR YOU! Easy, Simple & Fast.

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