Russell’s Microdermabrasion Service Tip from Skin for Life

5 August 2022
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Fall is here and Microdermabrasion is on the Menu!

From a service technician’s point of view… Microdermabrasion Service Tip!

Ah, the morning sun shines, and you have a very busy day. Endless appointments and Treatments to attend to. You turn on your Skin for Life Microdermabrasion machine and come to find that the idle is not what it was during your last week’s treatments.

No Stress, No worries, No rushing around with our Microdermabrasion Maintenance kit! This kit makes it simple to perform the proper maintenance on those days when you find yourself in that horrible bind in between treatments after the Filters have run their course.

This Maintenance kit will take your anxiety and toss it out the window. It gives confidence knowing you can prevent any maintenance issues.

With 3 LT filters and 10 Foam filters in the Maintenance kit, you will have the ability to perform at least 60 treatments. There are also 2 brand new LT canisters. In case the canisters have debris around the rim or have just loosened over time.

Also included is a bag of 50 microdermabrasion tips. To ensure a clean treatment. Additional items include a duster to blow any debris and old crystals. As well as an O-rings kit for your handpieces, a new bottle stopper, a clean-out tool, and a brush.

Retrofit handpieces, or replacement. Learn more.

This kit also can put your worries of a malfunctioning handpiece to bed with multiple options to add a red, yellow, or blue handpiece. Your handpiece is a very important part of your treatment process. Over time your handpiece can build up debris and become dirty or your O-rings have worn through.

It is always recommended to have a backup handpiece. But if you don’t need a handpiece the kit does come with new O-rings to replace the malfunctioning ones. Also, remember that even if you do not have a Skin for Life Microdermabrasion machine our service department can retrofit our handpiece to any machine.

Using this kit will protect your investment, and help you be confident in your treatments.

Russell’s Microdermabrasion Service Tip: Use this kit to its fullest by adding a handpiece. When looking at the price you are getting more bang for your buck. If you have a single canister system and want to switch between Grain and Crystal, this kit can provide you with the necessary tools to be versatile in your business. Talk with our staff to inquire more!

As always have a wonderful week and we at Skin for Life are always here for you.

Watch our microdermabrasion success story.


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