Dermaplaning Supplies

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure. It gently removes the top layer of skin and dead skin cells.

The effects are immediate whereby the skin is smoother, brighter, and hair-free. The practice of dermaplaning is at least 40 years old. Originally it was recognized by dermatologists and plastic surgeons as a skin preparation for additional cosmetic procedures.

Dermaplaning is a serious skin treatment. The results are immediate. It promotes healthier skin when used as a stand-alone treatment or with other treatment procedures.

Our blades are specific to their performance. #10R is a gentle blade, perfect when working with a finer, thinner skin complexion.

The #10 has an edge that is great for crevices, curves, and contours of the face. It is easy to work around curves. For example, the brow and lip area is perfect for removing excess dead skin cells.

#14 Blade has a rounded edge with a longer blade to cover a more flat area for quicker exfoliation. Recommended for dense or thicker skin. To lift and remove a larger area quickly.