SOL Defense Physical Sunscreens

Physical Skin Protection

SOL defense physical sunscreens have reflective sunscreen properties. Physical sunscreens protect the skin from damaging UV rays. UVA & UVB, both contribute to aging, damaging skin. This type of damage is considered free-radical damage induced by constant exposure to the sun.

Therefore, UV rays cause skin inflammation, pigment irregularities, and inhibit collagen production. Furthermore, capillaries are vulnerable and become weak.

SOL defense physical sunscreens SPF 30 provides that second skin protection against free radical damage. Physical sunscreens, also known as physical blockers. Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide are natural active minerals that protect all skin.

The natural tint blends well with Fitzpatrick I-V, however, the medium tint is for light-medium to darker skin complexions, Fitzpatrick III-VI. The medium tint is a lightweight formula that provides a flawless complexion.