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Our Professional Peel System is a two step cosmetic peel:

This anhydrous cosmeceutical formulation brings a new meaning to “Repair, Recover, and Restore Your Skin’s Health!“ We removed aggressive factors and focused on progressive correction without the negative post cosmetic acid complications from various skin colors, conditions, and types.

Skin for Life professional peel system corrects the areas of concern without restricting immunity support.

Immunity support for skin’s recovery is vital when using cosmetic acids; SFL system helps to minimize post inflammatory conditions that may occur as a stimuli from environmental conditions which in turn may stimulate hormonal stresses which can be counterproductive in your treatment selection.

Professional Peel System is the answer for your clients that want change without complications!

Step 1 Pro Radiance Peel active brighteners + LSSTM delivery this is a lactic acid peel that has three brighteners: kojic, bearberry extract, and licorice extract. This is not only a preparation for all skin, it is a beautiful peel by itself with a pH 2, along with the LSS delivery peptides and immune amino acids. 

Step 2 Professional Peel salicylic  lactic  citric + LSSTM delivery – is a blended formula of lactic, salicylic, and citric acid. This formulation needs water to stimulate the activity of this unique cosmetic acid peel. 

  • Lactic – natural skin lightener/brightener,
  • Salicylic acid – breaks down the over accumulation of dead skin cells and removes debris from environmental factors which may inhibit a healthy flow of natural occurring sebum, and
  • Citric acid – is a natural brightener and antiseptic for all skin.

Before & After 2-step Professional Peel System Before & After 2-step Professional Peel System
Before & After 2-step Professional Peel System by Skin for Life

Results just 5 days after application of first chemical peel!

By day 1 client reported reduction in inflammation which means reduction in size of pustules and less irritation and hyperpigmentation.

She has been battling acne for a while and has tried various options including antibiotics, topical treatments and combinations of them.

Before pictures taken by Saadiya Nakhuda, Lotus Touch Beauty, Barbados. After photos sent by client, explaining different lighting. Photos unretouched.  Click on images for enlarged view.

Builds strength from the inside out.

Important points for this cosmetic acid peel, this may used on many various conditions such as – oily, acne, sun damaged skin, melasma, hyper pigmentation, chloasma, skin tones from fitzpatrick I – V, this is also an important age defying treatment – mature, lack of elasticity, aging skins. 

Our professional cosmetic acid peel system is unique and we would like to share our Top 5 reasons why…

1. It is a SMARTPeel – the immunity acids are there to minimize the unnecessary inflammation that is responsible for PHI “Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation”

2. Skin Tone Friendly – not all skin colors are wise to endure cosmetic acid peels. Be smart when selecting a cosmetic acid for darker skin tones or hormonal challenged skins. Our cosmetic acid peel may be used on Fitzpatrick I – IV. Safety first – prepare skin before any cosmetic acid peel with Skin for Life innovative professional skin care products.

3. Anhydrous Formulation – Our cosmetic acid peel is activated by water, it will peak the skin for 3 – 5 minutes and slowly neutralize. Our formulation goals are to make sure all skin types, conditions, and colors have a safe and effective skin experience.

4. SMARTPeptides – Our specialty certified organic laboratory sees a bright skin care future. Using immunity peptides and amino acids in our lipid arm bio emulsion delivery makes the skin response more intensified and less traumatized, with Skin for Life you will achieve healthy long term skin results.

5. Your best cosmetic acid peel is your best controlled peel. You may rest at ease by watching our new professional peel video to learn application and ingredient information.

(For Professional Use Only)

Skin for Life is Your Business Solution for Professional Success!


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