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17 December 2023
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How to layer using a peel system? Check out the below peel protocols.

The evolution of peel systems are finding their place in the professional esthetic community. Personally, it is about time. The one thing I have done a lot of in my 31-year career is peels. Everything from 35% TCA, 14% or 17% Jessner Peels, 70% glycolic peels, combination peels, you name it I have probably done it.

It is frightening to see the old-style of peels still being used today. I have to say this is where estheticians, beauty therapists, or skin therapists are way ahead of the cosmetic medical community.

When I speak with other professionals about the design and function of peels they are quick to say, “My clients want to peel, or they do not think it will work for skin correction”. I always hold back, but the truth about our career and responsibility is to educate clients. It is no longer proper to peel like a snake. Peeling does not necessarily equal healthy or youthful skin. The 80’s along with the clothes, hair, and makeup are gone. The day of increasing skin irritation is not a healthy alternative.

Why do I still believe in the magic of peels, well there are a lot of reasons. Cosmetic acid peels like lactic, kojic, mandelic, salicylic, citric, or azelaic peels can be the perfect performance application without high surface irritation. They provide a stable skin tolerance. Professionals may use creative application techniques without compromising skin immunity.

Attention! Additional information to consider when choosing the right peel therapy:

  1. Find out the pH of the peel you purchased?
  2. What is the percentage of the cosmetic acid?
  3. Is there a particular vehicle that increases the penetration rate of the peel?
  4. Is it a stand-alone peel or is it okay to add to other modalities. What are some of the skin signs to watch for?
  5. What is the proper preparation before scheduling a peel? 2, 4, or 6 weeks. Which products are beneficial for prepping the skin?
  6. What are the post care instructions?

3-layering professional cosmetic acid protocols.

Before starting any protocol perform a skin evaluation and intake process to review client skin type, condition, medications, hormonal challenges, and senstivities. The below protocols provide step-by-step instructions by using a variety of modalities to improve skin correction whether aging, pigmented, or acne skin conditions. This is a healthier way to treat skin without compromising the skin’s immunity and obtain long-term skin results.

Stand-alone Professional Peel Protocol Treatment

Intermediate Professional Peel Skin Layer Protocol Treatment

Advanced Professional Peel + Microdermabrasion Skin Layer Protocol Treatment

Check out Skin for Life Institute YouTube Channel for additional references, protocols, and modalities that will assist professionals to add safe and effective treatments to any menu of spa services.

Our goal is to provide healthy skin protocols for professionals to obtain immediate result-oriented skin results that are for a long-term skin solution.

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