Skin Toners

The Second Step to Clear Skin

Skin toners are the second step to achieving well-balanced skin. Instant Soothing and BHA/AHA Toner deliver powerful active ingredients that improve skin receptivity for completing additional skincare steps.

Instant Soothing Toner natural actives desensitize irritated sensitive skins. Extracts of chamomile provide nutrients and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It supports all skin. In addition, Beta-glucan is a probiotic-driven ingredient that supports skin wellness for clear skin results.

Whether dry, oily, or sensitive it is the best skin toner to hydrate and soothe troubled skin.

However, if the skin is oily, blemished, or inflamed due to active acne, we recommend BHA/AHA Toner. The active ingredient of eucalyptus oil fights against breakouts by reducing the propionibacterium (P-acne) activity. It also maintains a well-balanced skin for long-term healthy skin results.