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27 March 2020
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Help Your Clients’ Stay Skin Healthy with Professional Home Skincare Treatments

Customized Professional Skincare Treatment Kits. You work hard to get your client’s skin in its best shape. You always encourage your clients to continue this during their home care regimen.  Don’t let this time undo all you have both worked so hard to accomplish. Skin for Life hears you and we want to help! We are preparing At Home Skincare Kits with professional products included! You provide these to your clients so they can continue to keep their skin looking its best!  This is an opportunity for you to schedule a virtual facial with your clients!

You send the Professional Home Skincare Treatment Kit with everything included. Virtually, you walk them through doing the facial at home.  These are unprecedented times so we are allowing the sample size professional product to be sold from you to your clients.

In order to customize your At-Home Skincare Kits you will need to call us at 866-312-7546 or email: [email protected] and let us know which samples you would like included.  Each kit comes with 9 samples, 2 compressed sponges and a Skin for Life wristlet.  We suggest you pick a cleanser, toner, exfoliant (excluding the peels), Phase 1 Oxygen serum, Phase 2 Oxygen Activator, serum, moisturizer, mint mask,  and an SPF.  Included is a booklet of simple instructions along with a “client prescription” section for you to check off which items are recommended daily from the retail products line.

For ideas on which products to include in your At-Home Skincare Kits, you can refer to the Retail Size Skin Care Kits!

Speaking of Retail Products, we offer drop-ship!  No need to be in your spa, taking orders and putting yourself and clients at risk.  You receive your client’s order during a virtual consultation.  You can go online or call to place the order.  We ship directly to the client on your behalf.  Skin for Life has lowered the Free Shipping criteria so all Skin Care product orders over $100.00 will receive free shipping and all Skin Care Product orders over $100.00 will receive 20% off!

Skin for Life Cares!  We want to help you during this critical time in our industry.

Stay Healthy!

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