Professional Peel System

Safe and effective cosmetic acid peels

The professional peel system is a duo cosmetic acid system. It is unique. Spa professionals will not find another peel system like it. The application is safe and effective without causing any unnecessary redness or compromising the skin’s integrity.

The Pro-Radiance Peel is perfect for Fitzpatrick I-VI. It is a leave-on peel. A skincare professional may apply up to 3 layers before performing the Professional Peel System. It is also a standalone peel, but extremely necessary as the first application before applying the Professional Peel.

The Professional Peel is applied in quadrants to ensure proper safety for the skin’s integrity. Protocol and training are provided to licensed professionals.

Again, with the LSS™ delivery, using immunity peptides and amino acids for overall skin health. Not only does this cosmetic peel provide immediate skin results but it also maintains the quality of skin health.