Success stories

My Clients are loving this [Oxygen Facial] treatment! I actually see the skin change right before my eyes I love love love it as well! Glad I purchased!

Cheryl Bruss — Esthetician/Owner of My Esthetician, Delafield, Wisconsin

“This machine [Oxygen Infusion] is AMAZING! Everyone needs one, the results are incredible …not one client isn’t impressed walking out the door!!!!!” 

Rosetta Ferrarelli — Owner/Esthetician, Aesthetically Yours skin care salon, Rockville Centre, New York

“I did my first [Oxygen Infusion] treatment yesterday. Client loved it especially when I used the air gun. Admittedly, I think I need more practice with the air gun, but her skin looked amazing afterwards. The oxygen treatment has different protocols depending on the skin and goals. Great customer service at Skin For Life!!”

Kelly Ray — Owner, Esthetics By Kelly, LLC, Richmond, Virginia

“It’s amazing upgraded all my clients with it today. It [Oxygen Infusion] leaves your skin super hydrated and no irritation.”

Shannon Macqueen — Esthetician, SkinCare By Shannon, West Palm Beach, Florida

Immunity Driven Professional Skin Care with an Equipment Boost!

Skin for Life — Brooksville, FL

When my business is slow, I will still get calls for the oxygen infusion facials. Works well on the Antiaging folks as well. So when my clients ask for antiaging I usually do Microderm and oxygen facial.

I increased my business by 60% by getting this Oxygen Facial machine. Very glad I did.

Karen Triana — Esthetician, Lilburn, GA

Love Skin for Life. Products, machines, customer service, training. First class company!

Wanda Weathers — Master Esthetician, Get Pampered Massage & Bodywork, North Bend, Oregon

Ok so I have to share how in love I am with my Ultrasonic scrubber/wave machine! I did a client just once so far and it was as different as night and day! The uneven texture was completely gone and her skin looked great!

So if you if you haven’t tried the ultrasonic scrubber treatment your missing out! I have done all types of skin, African American, Caucasian, Asian, and Indian! The level of clarity in the skin after being exfoliated is amazing, the feeling I get each time the treatment is over awesome! I love to see my clients reaction after they see there skin in the mirror priceless!

Erica Anderson — Esthetician/Owner, SkinByErica INC, Orange Park, FL

Thank you for great customer service. I have ordered supplies and had equipment repaired. Everything has been top notch. Keep up the good work!!!

Patty Anderson — Branford, FL

“Skin for Life has been my flagship skincare line since I first opened my esthetics business five years ago.  When I was researching which line to work with and retail, I needed one that was clinically advanced yet affordable, and yielded results.  I found these qualities in Skin for Life. 

When I inquired about their product for my business, I was impressed with their level of customer service, attention to detail, and professionalism. Once I tried the products myself and saw what a difference they made for me, I didn’t need to look any further!

The peptide-based anti-aging formula works for all of my clients, whether they are dealing with acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation or aging, Skin for Life products create the desired change in their skin at a price point that is reasonable given the advanced formula. 

Most of the equipment I use is also from Skin for Life, including Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy and Microcurrent Non-Surgical Facelift. These are all very well designed, high-end affordable pieces that could be used by any high-end spa or solo esthetician like myself. I have never had one bit of problem with any of the equipment in the five years I have used them. Just as important, my clients love the results. Thank you, Skin for Life, for making my job as a professional skin care therapist so much easier with your quality service and products!”

Patty Oliver, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Lash Artist and Reiki Master — Body, Mind & Face, St. Helens, Oregon

stars_Depositphotos_24427259_mod “LOVE THIS SERUM!”

“I get so excited when I treat my clients skin with this vitamin C serum! During my treatment, I envision all the tiny cells that are created during my treatment that get proper nutrition at the moment I apply it and the skin soaks it up! Not to mention all those free rads that die! It is clear, in an aqueous base, the most stable form of Vitamin C, besides all of that it smells AMAZING and can be applied multiple times a day!!! You could use this stand alone and see results! It’s that good!”


stars_Depositphotos_24427259_mod“Love the results! 

“I have been using the oxygen infusion system and have been loving the results for all my clients. It works with boosting microcurrent treatments but I find that it also is great with a regular facial. Highly recommend incorporating this into your back bar no matter what other line you are using. Results oriented!”

Pinnina Quarto

“My clients are so pleased with their skin when I use SFL Oxygen Infusion. I just had a 70 yr old client who was dreading to have her Christmas picture taken. After her first SFL Oxygen Infusion facial she said her picture looked better than a picture taken 5 years ago. Needless to say she is very happy!!”

Beverly Naylor

“Freda, Thanks for all of the GREAT information.  That is exactly what I needed. As usual you exceeded my expectations. Thanks!”

Will Bracey

“Thanks Karen!  Again I appreciate your concern and follow up- you certainly take customer service to a new level!”

Patty Oliver, Esthetician/Reiki Master — Body, Mind & Face, Scappoose, Oregon

“Thanks! I love how quickly you process and get our orders shipped to us!  Thanks so much!”

Esthetique Facial Spa — New Orleans, LA

“Hello Skin for Life…..I just love the way my skin looks and feels, after having the treatments (microderm and microcurrent) on my skin and using the skin care line continuously my skin looks refreshed and more youthful!:)”

Mari Alvarez

“I received the samples, thank you! I tried the skin care on myself last night and was immediately impressed! I could see and feel a difference! I used the products on a friend today and she left raving about how wonderful her skin looked and felt.”

Mary Cutler, Owner/Esthetician — Facials & Beauty Bar at The Factory, Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

“Let me just say, my skin has never felt more hydrated & calm than it does using Skin for Life! The redness from my rosacea has gone way down… And that has always been my biggest concern!! Thank you Skin for Life!!” 

Pam Pannacci, LE, COE — JPS Skin, Tustin, CA

“I have been using Skin for Life only for over a year now and my skin looks as good as it did in my 20’s, if not better (I’m 36)! I love the LSS Delivery System because it goes deep down to repair instead of just sitting on the surface.  I have also been doing the microdermabrasions, peels and the oxygen therapy and ’Wow’, what a difference! Much better than other brands and machines I have tried. There’s nothing like it. I highly recommend.”

Trish Hisey, Stylist — UbU Color Salon, Tampa, FL

“My aesthetician used this on my face after giving me a microdermabrasion treatment. She highly recommended it so I purchased one. I can’t tell you how much I love this sunscreen. I’ve tried nearly over two dozen different facial sunscreens and none of them compared. It truly does give you a sheer matte flawless finish. It makes my face feel silky soft and smooth. A pea size amount is all you need to cover your entire face. I’ve only been using it for a week and so far no break-outs. I’m so happy I don’t have to look any further…this is it! LOVE it!!!”


“The sunscreen is the best I have ever used! Love love love Skin for Life!”

Laura Wentworth — Progress Health and Fitness, Spring Hill, Florida

“What interested me most in Skin for Life was their innovative approach at designing a complete skin care system to include products, equipment, and education. Instead of stressing “easy-sell” trendy ingredients, they really focus on advancing the delivery system and the science behind the ingredients to develop an effective line.  They have definitely achieved this goal, as the results of their products are immediately noticed.

Their dedication to making quality products and equipment, combined with the continuous access to education for their clients, says a lot about their mission. I am so proud to exclusively carry, and personally use, Skin for Life.”

Sharon Purdie — Departure Skin Care, Worthington, Ohio

“Skin for Life Nue Fusion [Microcurrent]… medical grade 2. The best results. It’s a money maker! The results speak for themselves and the referrals just keep coming thru the door!!!”

Susan Myrick — Emerge Beauty and Medical Spa, Newberry, Florida

“Thank you, Erica SkinforLife! I must say how impressed I am with the Skin for Life products and equipment. Your skin care formulation brings the desired changes my clients want, regardless of their skin type. Your equipment is excellent and affordable and most of all you and Freda Mills rock! Thanks for all the customer support, you are always there for me.”

Patty Oliver, Licensed Esthetician — Body, Mind & Face, St. Helens, Oregon

“The products I have used so far both personally and within the treatments we offer at Embrace Hair and Beauty, have shown incredible results especially the Oxyfuse for pigmentation. I recommend these products to all our clients who like results driven skincare, they especially appreciate the botanical elements.”

Penny Jelfs — Embrace Hair and Beauty, Weymouth, Dorset, UK

“I have one of my clients that has a Fitz4 with grade 4 acne and she’s loving the antibac essentials, the SOL defense, as well as the oxygen infusion treatments with LED. Huge difference in her skin in only 2 treatments, drying up the lesions and reducing the inflammation. I’m now using the SOL defense instead of Image and the Lactic Renewal Serum every other night and love it. My pores seem smaller and my skin is smoother. Yay! I’m really sold on the products now!”

Danielle Commarota — Now and Zen Wellness, Orlando, FL

“I love the Oxygen Infusion gels. For Mother’s Day, we closed the Spa down. I gave 20 special ladies “express oxygen infusion treatments“. My ladies loved them! I now need the price list/catalog for retail and back bar!”

Wanda Coker — Posh Salon & Day Spa, Winter Haven, Florida

“We bought our Skin for Life Nue Fusion Microcurrent machine  from Freda a couple of months ago and I have to say it has upped our volume sales in the Spa area. We tested the equipment on our staff at first so that Kim could feel comfortable with the machine and also lots of texts and phone calls to Freda (lol) did help a lot.”

Cher Tagliamonte — Trinity Spa & Salon, Syracuse, New York

“Thank you again for taking the time to fly down and do your wonderful demonstration at Governors. I saw some of the ladies today that were at the event and they all said they loved you and really liked how knowledgeable and honest you were about the microcurrent and the results… You really helped us out and I personally am very grateful!”

Sue Sony — The Spa at Governors Towne Club, Acworth, Georgia

“Skin for Life’s products are awesome, I love their serums! I also am having great results with their Microcurrent machine and LED hand pieces. Great company with great education! …and their educator Freda is very knowledgeable with credentials to match.”

Kim Vickery Prior, Aesthetician — Trinity Spa & Salon, Syracuse, New York

“I love my microcurrent equipment! We’re very busy at the spa with it… I’m lucky to get a treatment! You know how that goes tho! Lol”

Shelle Misiorowski — Trim & Tone Spa, Naples, Florida

“I have always enjoyed working with my consultant Cassandra Thomas, from Skin for Life. She keeps me straight and advises me to use treatments, in combination with other treatments, which are fantastic! 

I use all the Skin for Life machines, and love them. The machines are well made and durable and you are just that, FOR LIFE, as a customer. They treat you fairly and help you until you are completely 100% happy. There are not many companies which go out of their way to help you, once you have bought the product. This company is truly wanting to retain you as a customer FOR LIFE, and this is why I am still here 6 years later.”

Barbara Lesneski, RN/ Licensed Esthetician — Bonnie's Skin Care, San Clemente, California

“As a holistic esthetician, Skin for Life is a perfect fit for my business. This product line has been formulated to support the skin’s own natural immune cells. The peptide delivery system takes ingredients the skin already recognizes, such as Lysine and Lecithin, and puts it to immediate use, thereby stimulating the natural cell renewal process. Rather than tearing down and building up, Skin for Life enhances and supports.”

“What’s more, Skin for Life works. It brings about real change in my client’s skin with just a few applications. I feel confident in using and recommending Skin for Life to my clients, which in turn reassures them about making the investment in the product line for home use. It’s exciting to have clients come back for repeat treatments and see the difference in their skin!

I also like the fact that Skin for Life is a relatively small product line. I’m not overwhelmed by choosing between several products throughout a treatment, and clients aren’t overwhelmed by product choices. Skin for Life is also reasonably priced. Since I work in a small town that has been especially hard hit by the economy, price was a very important factor when choosing a product line to use and sell. Another important factor was that Skin for Life is not loaded down with dyes and perfumes. Rather, all products are light and natural and don’t weigh down the skin or the senses.

I also have invested in several pieces of equipment through Skin for Life, including the Microdermabrasion, Oxygen and LED Light Therapy machines. All are state-of-the-art and easy to use.

Lastly, customer service at Skin for Life is outstanding. I received excellent product training and have had all my questions answered quickly and thoroughly. Ordering is easy and always on time. Everyone at Skin for Life has been a delight to work with. In short, Skin for Life makes my job as an esthetician easy. Thank you Skin for Life!”

Patty Oliver, Licensed Esthetician/Reiki Master — Body, Mind & Face, St. Helens, Oregon

“My microdermabrasion machine has lasted over 10 years now. Knock on wood that it keeps going! Thanks guys!” 

Angela Vyskocil, LME, LT — Real Skin Health, Woodbury, MN

“I have Skin for Life Oxygen Infusion add on system to my Microdermabrasion machine & it’s Phenomenal!”

Fal Rodriguez — Fal's Sheek Skin Beautique, Deer Park, New York

“Omg so in love with this technology, even the very short treatment I did on myself was amazing. So happy I got my Portable Oxygen Infusion Machine!!! Thanks Freda for a great class, can’t wait to do more!!!!!”

Erica Anderson, Esthetician — SkinByErica, Orange Park, Florida

“I’ve been going to Lanata for about a year now and the [Skin for Life’s] microcurrent treatment is a fantastic anti-aging lifting service. The equipment is superior to others that I have had experience with. I would highly recommend this service and this spa. Amie [Hawks], the owner is very knowledgeable in skincare . She definitely knows her stuff!”

Tiffany Lewis — Denver, CO

“Amie [Hawks] and I connected immediately because she is the kind of person who understands my fears of looking old. I wanted to make some changes but nothing drastic like surgery that’s when Amie introduced me to [Skin for Life’s] microcurrent machine. After a few treatments on my face, people said I looked years younger! 

I heard “Wow, you look so young!” and not, “What did you have done?” She took out deep lines and lines I didn’t even know I had. She gave me a glow I haven’t had in years!”

Deb Stone — Cherry Creek, CO

stars_Depositphotos_24427259_mod“I highly recommend all of the Skin for Life equipment. The assembly is very easy and the USA based customer service is friendly and helpful, should you need assistance.   I am a former skincare educator. My program easily cycled about 85 students at one time. The multifunctions withstood the crazy student environment better than any other machine I have ever used. If anything ever broke it was a glass electrode, etc and had nothing to do with the actual design of the machine. The steamer has an auto shut off safety feature which is nice and the timer is silent (even nicer). The placement of the steamer allows for more range of motion. The vacuum tube is split to aid in proper lymphatic drainage. If the trolley was a cabinet so I could hide all the cords I would say this machine is perfect. Still very worth the price for all the features and design.

I am now going into my third year in business with my spa. As a single, self supporting business owner there is absolutely no way I would have grown my business as quickly as I did without the Skin for Life microcurrent machine. I have used a few brands and this one is far superior. My clients who have experienced other brands agree enough to write reviews saying so.

Over the past eight years, I always check with Skin for Life first before making equipment purchases to see if they have what I am looking for; they have been consistent with their customer service and quality equipment.”

Amie Hawks — Lanata Advanced Skin Care, Centennial, CO

Skin for Life is a great company…great service…great people! I am loving my microcurrent machine and experiencing wonderful results. Skin for Life has a light therapy machine that has a panel that fits over the client with plenty of room to captivate the entire face and neck area! Love this company!!!!!”

Dorinda Allhands — Halsa by Allhands, Skin & Body Institute, Chicago, Illinois

“Love my Skin for Life products! When you have a good line, it makes the Esthetician’s job so much easier!”

Angie McDonald — Forever Young Esthetics, Ruston, Louisiana

Microcurrent gives you your face back and makes you feel like you want to go out and be seen!

Erica Halverson — Littleton, CO


“I Love my new microderm machine and all the different options (organic grains, crystals and diamond).”  

Karen C Winters — Petuluma, CA

“As both a licensed laser practitioner and a medical esthetician I definitely have a broader perspective and understanding of skin and how to treat it. Aging is a beautiful thing in my opinion, but the key is to age gracefully and to looking your best for your age. Unfortunately, because of our less than optimal environment we are aging faster than ever before. Luckily innovative technology and products combined with proper treatment can help to maintain skin’s integrity and slow down the aging process.

Safe and long term result oriented skin care is the goal of my custom treatment plans; personal plans customized for each individual skin type to meet their concerns. We live in a brand loyal society and often leads us to pay more for products based on packaging and marketing of a product does not deliver or support your damaged skin. When it comes to skin care we often live with the notion thinking that aggressive is corrective but quite the opposite and traditional thinking if you ask me.

The ideal skin treatment is gradual and progressive allowing a process of transformation that is safe and effective. When looking for the best product, it’s not just about the ingredients its more so the technology of transdermal that allows a product to penetrate and perform for you.

 In my practice my preferred skin care; Skin for Life which allows me to treat broader skin type safely and effectively. Skin for life is always thriving to further enhancing their products and providing estheticians with the best knowledge to meet the needs of the, anti-aging industry today. Skin for Life is both practical and ethical and it’s a part of great deal of success in my practice. More and more of my clients keep returning because they are quite simply; addicted to the results. Transformation is a lot closer than you think. Give Skin for Life a try and see for your self… Wishing you all glowing skin.”

Zenith Nanavati — Aesthetic Skin Studio, Lutz, FL