Skin Cancer is a BEAST! Why it is on the Rise?

13 December 2019
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The Beast is on the Rise!

Immunity Skin Prevention is the KEY!

Skin cancer is something that we know happens but do we really know what it can do? We enjoy the sun, fun, partaking with a beverage under the golden rays, not thinking or having a care in the world about sunscreen or reapplying sunscreen. Our human need is to enjoy, relax and reboot from our daily stress of work, children or spouse. It is our time to re-energize, re-group and re-invigorate our internal engine.

Since the days of the Egyptians “Ra, the sun god”, Greeks “Helios, the sun god”, Native Americans perform their ritual of the “Sun Dance” humans have embraced the light from the sun.

However, through science we know the ramifications may be severe to our health. Through science we now know what we can do to protect, preserve and maintain our health.

Skin for Life had the pleasure of interviewing a gentlemen, Bill Martin about his decade battle with skin cancer. To hear his story is amazing and eye-opening. Skin cancer is not stopping it is actually on the rise. From 1994 to 2014, the diagnosis and treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers, aka basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, increased by 77% (2019, Fromowitz).

Bill’s skin type is fair, blue eyes and easily sunburned. In the esthetic and dermatology industry we refer to this skin type as Fitzpatrick I. However, skin cancer sees “NO Color”, everyone is at risk.

After you hear Bill’s story most likely you will know or have known someone that has battled skin cancer or cancer for a time. Cancer is one of those cell-mediated diseases that no one can say anything good about. It is devastating to the person, family and friends. We want everyone “Skin Aware” all year round.

Every Skin Care Professional needs to View this Video!
Real World Education!

Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreen, What’s the Big Deal?

Well, there is a big deal. In short, physical sunscreens (Zinc Oxide & Titanium dioxide) sit on top of the skin as mineral base ingredients and deflect harmful rays. Chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays like a sponge and changes the rays into heat and emits the heat from the skin.

Most countries, especially in Europe like physical sunscreens as the primary skin protection. They consider them safe and natural for skin protection.

However, chemical sunscreens are not receiving praise and their popularity is dwindling. There has been research indicating chemical sunscreens are contributing to hormonal fluctuations and becoming a rising concern.

Skin for Life formulates “Physical Sunscreens” as the natural skin protection barrier. We consider physical sunscreens as an extension of the skin’s immunity health.

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