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5 November 2019
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Vita C Peptide Serum Nominee

Vita C Peptide Serum is the BEST! Vote the BEST for 2020 Peptide Serum!

Skin for Life’s vitamin C is very special. It brightens, strengthens and improves skin integrity. We use a stable and effective vitamin C that may be used even on the most sensitive skins.

Take the stress out of skin care by selecting immunity skin care for healthy long-term skin results. Clients/patients will see the “True Skin Difference”.

Benefits of Vita C Peptide Serum

  • vibrant and radiant complexion
  • noticeably younger looking skin
  • instantly smooths and redefines skin texture
  • relaxes wrinkles and fine lines
  • smooths and plumps skin
  • neutralizes the action of free-radicals

Vita C Peptide Serum is an immunity support for all skin. It is extremely important to apply our Peptide Serum before sunscreen to aid in the performance of sunscreen protection. May apply vitamin C morning and night to encourage active cellular responses.

Vote for US! 2020 Peptide Serum!

Learn more by visiting our Vita C Peptide Serum Information Page.

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Vita C Peptide Serum Nominee