2021 SKIN News second edition | Saint Patrick Skin Month!

1 March 2021
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2021 SKIN News second edition! St. Patrick’s Skin Health Month!

Saint Patrick’s Day has evolved into a celebration of wearing shamrocks, the color green, and adding a magnificent feast to celebrate the Irish and Irish-American culture. It is a great way to celebrate by adding a “Special Alga Skin Treatment” to celebrate. Make March a Saint Patrick Skin Month!

CryoAlgae Mask + Booster | March Luck!

Include this innovative mask in a Saint Patrick Skin Month Treatment! The CryoAlgae mask is for every skin type, color, and condition. Now, is the time to really Highlight Your Creativity.  Include into a Shamrock Pedicure Treatment. Make it FUN, take a picture for social fun.

SKIN Health for the Face, Neck, and Decollete. Gear up for the holiday celebration. So much a spa and/or skin clinic can do…Be imaginative, creative, and fun for your client’s skin health and provide immediate skin results.

Revitalizing Mint Mask | Keeping It Lucky for March!

WOW! Invigorate the skin with a minty fresh sensation! Aroma-GOOD! Great ingredients for overall skin nutrition. Spirulina is like taking all of your nutritional greens at once. “Super Food” for stress-free skin health.

Use Revitalizing Mint Mask as a cooling mask or for softening resistive, tired, dull skin. May use with Sonic Skin Scrubber for an additional lifting effect. When treating closed comedones, follicular congestion… so many ways.

Give your clients something to celebrate. Go Green and have fun along the way. Happy St. Patrick Skin Month!

Watch & Learn! Mask Application Video.

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SKIN News second edition | St. Patrick's Skin Month.