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2 February 2021
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2021 SKIN News first edition Valentine Sunday

This year’s SKIN news first edition Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday, which means couples, singles will be out and about enjoying the day of outside activities. Some will go boating, bicycling, hiking, beaching, golfing so much to think about on Valentine’s Sunday!

So why think about anything else but having fun? Yes, we want to have fun. Everyone deserves fun! Well, this skin news is to talk about having fun but staying skin healthy while outdoors.

Around the world, some may have a day of rain, sun, snow, or may experience a cloudy day. Think about skin health this way, when you travel, go for a fun excursion for the day most people plan. Some even plan down to the minute to take advantage of what a day or weekend may offer. Is this YOU?

If so plan your skin health for the day. Did you know whether cloudy, sunny, snowy, or rainy there is light behind the clouds. If you see light then you will experience UVA rays all-year-round no matter the type, condition, or color of your skin. Everyone can be a victim of UVA damage.

UVA rays are more of a threat because a much larger percentage of them reach the earth’s surface. So, yes, If you see daylight at any hour, UVA rays are present. They do not call them the “Aging Rays” for nothing. UVA rays may affect collagen production and may have a serious effect on skin immunity. This skin news first edition is to help our readers make safe choices when making the weekend count.

Stay in good physical health, exercise, stay social, maintain brain health, reduce stress with meditation. All are important for human survival. Add to your list the #1 health organ that sometimes, most often gets neglected “Your Skin health”.

This valentine’s day support your skin health by applying SOL Defense SPF30 Natural or Medium Tint physical sunscreen. It is a skin-changer. The natural tint physical sunscreen is a water-resistant formula perfect for any outdoor activity. However, we recommend reapplying every hour especially after water sports or continuous perspiration.

Our medium tint provides a beautiful illuminating even application. Perfect under makeup or use it solo, provides skin a naturally flawless finish without makeup. Remember it is the weekend so less is beautiful.

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2021 Valentine Sunday SKIN News