Nue Skin Microdermabrasion Machines

Skin for Life Nue Skin Microdermabrasion machines are built by our technicians under strict ISO quality standards.

We know how important it is to the esthetic industry to have quality equipment that may last for years with trouble free maintenance.

Our Nue Skin Microdermabrasion machines are FDA registered #1226143, this gives us a professional edge with being able to support licensed spa professionals and physicians state of the art equipment that brings the next level of performance.

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NS500_bckgrnd versatile  –  trouble free  –  performance driven

microdermabrasion tip

Microdermabrasion is able to be the vehicle for the next step to your performance treatments and/or procedures. It is essential for retexturing the skin, promoting more indirect stimulation, along with increased skin activity for smoother, brighter, and more even youthful results.

Skin for Life Nue Skin Microdermabrasion is a closed loop system.

What does this mean?
Skin for Life manufactures tips, microdermabrasion hand pieces, and machines. Our tips are the answer to a complete closed loop performance response.

We manufacture our tips to have the extended height and complete occlusion to the skin for an even application of crystals and vacuum with each pass.

You will find the performance of your skin treatments improve dramatically with the use of our manufactured hand pieces.

Our machines are state of the art to provide quality performance.

Our Nue Skin Microdermabrasion machines are easy to use along with virtually trouble free maintenance. The beautiful sleek design of our microdermabrasion machines belong in every spa, wellness center, and medical spa. 

Our Nue Skin Microdermabrasion machines allow licensed professionals to think outside the box with performing creative facial treatments, and achieving long term skin results.

Our machines are versatile with the use of 99.96% pure aluminum oxides for retexturing, clarifying, and revealing healthy younger looking skin. 

Our specialty organic grains use 100% Walnut Shells for an natural approach to microdermabrasion. Organic grains can be used in place of aluminum oxide for a crystal free microderm treatment or as a gentle finishing treatment to smooth and polish after a crystals microdermabrasion session. Organic grains are especially beneficial for minimizing dark spots, uneven pigmentation, and hormonal pigment challenges. Gives you the ability to treat a variety of skin types and give your clients’ skin  a beautiful, smooth, healthy, uniform glow. 

Nue Fusion microcurrent machines are manufactured in the USA, at our Brooksville, FL corporate headquarters.
We have been manufacturing equipment since 2003.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion:

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Nue Skin Microdermabrasion Machines from Skin for Life brings skin treatments to another stratosphere.

Skin for Life is Your Business Solution for Professional Success!


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