Equipment Training Videos

Skin for Life‘s Video Training Library features Equipment Training Videos, Troubleshooting and Treatment Demonstrations for our microdermabrasion, microcurrent, oxygen infusion, ultra skin scrubber machines and more… and include visual illustrations of setup, usage, and step by step skincare treatment procedures. 

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Nue Fusion 200 Esthetic Pro Microcurrent

Instructional video on microcurrent equipment setup, selecting facial program, total machine intensity, and individual intensity functions based on area of skin and sensitivities of your client. Use of ball wands for tightening and lifting, firming. Use of straight bar wands for isolating areas of concern. Use of facial pads during auto facial maintenance feature of the Skin for Life Nue Fusion 200.

Nue Fusion 600 Advanced Pro Microcurrent machine

Face & Body Microcurrent training – machine setup and usage instructions for Skin for Life’s Nue Fusion 600 Microcurrent. Facial programs and intensity functions for tightening, lifting & firming the neck, jawline, cheek, eye area, forehead. Skin fitness programs for the body.

Nue Fusion 600 Microcurrent Techniques – Part 1 – Thigh

How to perform a microcurrent treatment on the upper thigh area of the body using Nue Fusion 600 Microcurrent equipment from Skin for Life.

Nue Fusion 600 Microcurrent Techniques – Part 2 – Abdomen

How to perform a microcurrent treatment on the abdominal area of the body with Skin for Life’s Nue Fusion 600 Microcurrent machine. Microcurrent intensity & pad placement during abdominal toning.

Nue Skin Oxygen Infusion System

Skin for Life’s Nue Skin Oxygen Infusion System and O2 skin care concentrates for sensitive skin, troubled or oily skin, sun-damaged or pigmented skins, or mature skin… performance driven results for all skin types, colors and conditions to meet all your clientele’s needs.

Skin Fitness: Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Infusion Therapy treatment demonstration

Skin For Life demonstrates treatment protocols & techniques using Skin for Life’s Nue Skin Microdermabrasion, O2 therapy, LED Light Therapy and Skin for Life pure science skin care.

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