Charcoal-Anti Pollution Mask

22 May 2019
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Detox Skin by Delivering Performance Ingredients to Improve Skin Health

Charcoal Anti Pollution Mask detoxifies the skin’s impurities. Skin goes through a lot on a daily basis to fight against internal and external environmental elements.

Help your clients skin in the fight against the “Cytotoxic Effects” of environmental pollutants.  Harness the power of Ivy and Sunflower extracts to protect the skin immunity from “free-radical damage”.

The activated charcoal is the perfect ingredient for dull, congested or compromised skin due to smoking, poor diet or poor air quality.  This powerful anti pollution mask has absorbent powers to help detoxify the skin from the environmental pollutants. However, licensed skin care professionals also like the easy application with the dramatic healthy skin results.

For example, all you need to do is these three steps: mix, apply and remove. There is absolutely no mess, because of its easy peel-off process. After 5-10 minutes the charcoal mask becomes a rubber-like substance that is easy to remove in one piece.

The skin feels silky, smooth and alive with a fresh clean sensation. Most sensitive skin may use our anti pollution mask. However, all skin must have the appropriate serum and moisturizer for a well balance healthy skin result.

Use this as your finishing mask after microdermabrasion, microcurrent, oxygen infusion skin care or as your last step with a basic skin treatment.  BUY ONLINE NOW!


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Charcoal-Anti Pollution Mask Special