Salicylic Gel Cleanser Spring Special

25 February 2019
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Salicylic Gel Cleanser Spring Special

SPRING is around the corner!  Stock your retail shelves with our performance oily/acne skin care product line.

Here are more recommendations from Skin For Life to maintain healthy, balanced skin.

Our primary performance ingredient of “Salicylic Acid” is known for combatting P-acne bacteria while maintaining a normal oil production.

BHA (beta hydroxy acid) is a surface exfoliation with deep follicular cleansing results. Assists sebaceous glands with an aerobic environment instead of a nonaerobic environment. Salicylic gel cleanser is our special formula that balances skin while minimizing follicular congestion. Perfect cleanser for oily, combination, blemished, oily – sensitive or acne prone skin. May be used as a morning treatment cleanser or may be used twice a day. Skin feels clean, balanced and soft without dryness or dehydration.

Sale in effect until March 15th.

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salicylic gel cleanser spring special