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27 October 2015
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Microcurrent  “More Is Not Better” – “Work Smarter for the Best Muscle Response”

Microcurrent is about Knowledge of Muscle Histology and Techniques.

Q: Why would you continuously keep going over the same muscle over and over again?

Anyone want to chime  in?

A: You “Would Not” — You only have a window of “Muscle Opportunity” 1 – 5 seconds, before making the response aerobic. These are the steps for NOT over working the facial muscles:

  • Using “Microcurrent Ball Wands” to contour the face with each muscle group. This is referred to as muscle to bone response (Trying to make a stronger muscle for a stronger attachment) Each Stroke is 3 – 5 seconds of three repetitions and then you transition to another muscle group.

1. This moves fluid to the outer lymphatic vessels for eliminating into the right and left subclavian veins.

a. Lymph circulation is important to remove waste by-products through  elimination. Lymph bathes cells to protect against unnecessary foes that may damage the cell’s reproductive process.

b. The ball wands are excellent for working the belly of the muscle, while giving a slower application for a controlled muscle contraction.

  • Using “Microcurrent Straight Bar Wands” smooths face lines and strengthens skin to muscle response, while building the collagen fiber connection. This gives density and volume for a youthful appearance. Each stroke is 3 – 5 seconds of three repetitions and then you may transition to another muscle group. This is the last step to improve clarity, circulation, and overall change of skin appearance.

The Esthetic Pro Nue Fusion 200 “Face Only” Microcurrent Techniques may be seen by clicking the pinterest collage above. You will see all 12 illustrations to enhance your treatment results…Enjoy the Steps to Beautiful Illuminating Skin for Life!

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