Scientific Cellular Method

31 December 2015
Categories: Esthetic Education

Bio Lipid Emulsion Delivery – LSS™ delivery

Main Core Delivery: bio lipid emulsion is like a “belt” with each hole on the belt containing a vital active nutrient.

It is not about learning or whether you know ingredients, anyone can memorize ingredients. It is how well you understand the delivery mechanism of Skin for Life pure science skin care.

Freeze Dry “lipolysis” – why did we not use this method? Because when you reconstitute cells you lose all life. Lipolysis is powder, and cannot retain the vital nutrients for very long. 

Frozen Cells – why did we not use this method? Because once they use this delivery material it is in fragments and it is not sustainable for long term results.

Stem Cells – why did we not use this method? Because there is no scientific evidence or studies that have demonstrated that stem cells are safe for long term use. Stem cells are at a state where they have not determined what they are. Epidermal cells regenerate skin, muscle cells regenerate muscle. Stem cells have no direct affinity, their precursors are not developed as of yet, so the long term results are lack stability. You could very well harm skin.

Organic – why did we not use this method? Because organic raw materials have no delivery structure, they are surface. You cannot give an organic raw material a delivery chain, because if you did it would be more prone to being an allergen and increase sensitivity. Even though we use a certified organic lab, they have concurred you cannot deliver beyond the surface of the skin with organic raw materials without causing sensitivities.

Bio Lipid Emulsion Chain – why did we use this method? Because the scientists at our lab made a nano chain developed around sustaining vital nutrients for an immunity response. In order to affect skin without an unstable action you have to try and deliver an immunity action. This is why we use lysine, potassium wheat amino acids, betaglucan, potassium serinate amino acids, and so on…

Visualize – the belt you have on, each hole on your belt is LSS™ delivery vital active driven ingredients. They are stable, deliverable, and have the affinity to cell membranes. Once this happens you are indirectly affecting deeper layers of the skin and this is why Skin for Life has 100% satisfaction because we are delivering a response that the skin understands. This chain increases a chain of communication between the bio lipid emulsion with vital actives and cell membranes. It is a language of mutual understandings and this why our pure science difference works.

OXYGEN Infusion – why does this work? Not only is it interaction between the skin and ingredients but those vital active ingredients have a higher communication to increase cell metabolic action. Therefore that belt of vital actives have a higher delivery of the LSS™ ingredients and in turn indirectly affecting deeper layers. This causes “Skin Change” with the appropriate selection of pure science home care.

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